Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am feeling grateful for technology. Even when I am having a day like today when I have been suffering from illustrator's block, I can find out in a few hours that a design is not working instead of a few days. When I was in college I developed the style that I am currently using for the WantsToBe series. When I finally got a design on tracing paper the way I wanted it I had to then transfer it to the art board. Each shape had to be cut out with a sharp blade to make a stencil. I would then spray the stencil with glue and position it on the board. Finally I could spray on the color with an air compressor that forced air through the tip of a colored marker. The best part for me was to take off the stencil and see the final result. Changing the color with the click of a mouse was definitely not an option. Here are some of the first illustrations I did using a marker airbrush.

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